Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I last posted. Too many events, both good and bad, had happened since then. We had to make an emergency trip to Indonesia, due to my dad's poor health condition. I am so glad we visited on time, my dad got to play and had tremendous time with his grandchildren, he had 2 weeks with them before he was wheeled in into the hospital. When we lost him, it felt like I've lost a part of me. Without him, we won't be who we are today. He taught me to love food. Although he didn't cook, he knew what good food is. I remember those days when he would literally dragged all of us in the middle of the night to try some new food. Or brought us to the restaurants he enjoyed when he was still courting my mom. It was he, who told me to go for it, to pursue my passion, whether it's a "money-maker" kind of career or not. He was supportive, never shot down our ideas when presented to him. He might not be the greatest person in the world, but he was our dad. Instead of us being sad, I bet he would want me to talk about nice things, and food. That was his fave topic, second to music.

Elle, shopping for vegetables.

Dimsum with my dad.

Meatball within meatball.

My mom's kiosk.


Bakmi Acang, lunch date with my dad.

My old school cafeteria. All fancied up now.

Kue pukis.

Chocolate martabak.

Sate Padang, my dad's fave.

Kol nenek.

Samu, fooling around with his grandpa.

My fave snack as a kid.
I choose not to write too much, because even after more than a month, it's still tear-inducing. Can't believe we will be back to Seattle in less than 2 weeks.