About the Site

When other women go on shopping spree to relieve their stress, I immerse myself in cooking. Sometimes the end result doesn't turn out as well as I want it to be, but I'm not going to let that stop me. I don't have formal culinary training (yet), my goal is to attend culinary school in 2012. Meanwhile, I'll just stick to books, lots of researching and experimenting.

Why "With a Bowl of Rice"? My son isn't a picky eater, except that he gotta have rice with each meal. If he has to choose between cheeseburger and rice with soy sauce pork, you know what he'll choose. Yeah, we do eat non-rice dishes every now and then; but he would never be as satisfied as when he has a bowl of rice. So when I was trying to find a name for this blog, that came to mind. Oh, just a trivia, he doesn't like fruit but a wonderful veggie eater.

I start this blog for the love of food, cooking, taking pictures and writing. Isn't it nice to have a medium to channel all of the above? Also it'll be SUPER nice to hear from fellow food lovers out there. Don't hesitate to leave a comment!