Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Job

After a long week of contemplating, browsing for a new job that suits my needs better, I finally found one. But with only 7 days in a week, all are occupied with working my butt off, I need to quit one of my jobs. I'd be lying if I said I'm totally happy at my previous job. I like the people I worked with and the job itself is really easy. And THAT'S the problem. It's so easy, I didn't learn anything. I crave to learn more than what I already know (which is not much). And this job didn't involve a lot of cooking. 

So after numerous working interviews I went to, there is this one kitchen crew where I feel that I belong. They're opening a new dive bar on Capitol Hill. I finally find a mentor and a group of people I enjoy working with. No matter how crass our banter can be, when it comes to working, no one makes me feel stupid for asking how a savory herb looks like. No one laughs at me when I told them I'd never portioned cod before. No one treats me like a dumb-ass, even though they've worked in the kitchen of Seattle's top restaurants before.

I still work as prep cook for one of the famous food trucks of Seattle. And I love this job, too. I love how the people that work in this company, have so much love, passion and energy to share their love of food with customers. 

Fried assorted mushrooms

Good news too, both my jobs are within walking distance! :D I only have to walk 7 minutes to the dive-bar-job and walk 20 minutes to the taco place.