Sunday, December 12, 2010

4th birthday is coming up!

I feel like a bad mommy.. Next January, our son will be turning 4, and he has never had a decent birthday party. This time I want to give him a small party. The problem is, his birthday is on the 7th but my mom will be returning to Indonesia on the 3rd. I'm thinking about throwing him a party the weekend before 3rd, which coincidentally is January 1st. A lot of people say "you can't celebrate birthday before the actual birthday". Now I'm confused.. but my mom said it's perfectly normal to do so.

Can't believe that my little baby is now almost 4. My main kitchen helper. Yesterday we went to the outlet and his favorite store was the kitchen store. He was literally gleaming with joy when he saw set of gingerbread man cookie cutter. So we decided to get it for him.

 Licking the chocolate ganache leftover from making biscotti

 Trying to spread some on his biscotti

2.5 years old

And the cake, he's really into Kipper lately. My husband and I are planning to make it. And I was thinking about getting him something chocolate related for his gifts. Anyone knows where to get chocolate version of chemistry kit for a 4-year-old? Or something similar to that?

My almost 4-year-old, last August

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